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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tourney and Contests, Classes, and Islamic/Andalusian Feast

Province of Southern Shores (Central Santa Clara County)



Greetings good Gentle folk!!! The Province of Southern Shores most jubilantly invites you to come and make a JOYFUL NOISE to Celebrate this most Festive season of the year with us!! This year's theme will be all about things that make NOISE or cause noises to be made (or drowned out)!!!

We will have a fighter tourney, contests, classes, and a delicious Islamic/Andalusian feast by our own Rebecca bint Cariadoc and we will also hold our traditional Silent Auction to benefit future Province of Southern Shores events. General merry-making & nonsense will abound!! NOT A DRY SITE!

Feast Scene, 1526

Site Information:

  • Location:
    St. Jude's Episcopal Church, 20920 McClellan Road, Cupertino, CA 95014 ...parking lot at site. NOT a dry site!
  • Event Hours:
    Site opens for set-up at 9am, closes at 10pm. SCHEDULE: Classes start at 11am at 45min each, Fighter tourney (TBD) starting 2pm, Games concurrent indoors, Feast starts 5pm, Entertainment at intervals throughout the Feast.
  • Site Fee:
    $10 Site/$10 Feast for adults; $5 Site/$5 Feast for "kids" (13-17yr), FREE for 12yrs and under. Family cap of $30/adult, $30/kid so total of $60...will also invoke the West Kingdom Welcoming Committee (WKWC) for the Non-Member Surcharge (NMS)..
  • Tickets:
    Available thru Francisco de Salamanca
    ...please email him at exchequer@southern-shores.net to put in your requests.
  • Autocrat:
    Cynthia de Mitham (Cynthia Stormo)
    jingles_autocrat@southern-shores.net / 408-691-2083
  • Head Chef:
    Rebecca bint Cariadoc (Rebecca Friedman)
    (our feast taste-test night was DELICIOUS!)

Tourney and Contests:

There will be a Fighter's Tourney (topic To-Be-Determined by Prince Geoffrey), starting at 1pm (inspection beginning at 12noon).

THIS year's theme for the "Best Table Decoration" will also be anything having to do with NOISE! (Note: There will be 1 large platter & 3-4 large bowls to work around for the decorations.)

We will have the Silver-Tongued Devil Contest (topic To-Be-Determined by our current Devil), a live performance by the West Kingdom Choir and any other Bardic-type thing that may just happen.

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    Class List* (visit our Class Page for more details):
  • 11am: Glass Bead-Making (V. Helgi Ulfssen)
  • 12noon: Period Storytelling (D. Cariadoc of the Bow)
  • 12noon: Making a Jorvik Hood (Arwen Duiblheamnha)
  • 12noon - 4pm: Period Instrument Petting Zoo (M. Alessandro Cantori)
  • 1pm: Backstage at the Globe (B. Lorcan Dracontius)
  • 1pm: Basic Heraldry (B. Aasa Thorvaldsdottir)
  • 2pm: Brewing (B. Joel the Brewer)
  • 3pm: Fingerloop Braiding with Bells (Kaja Katrina Sakala)
  • 4pm: Backstage at the Globe (B. Lorcan Dracontius)
    ... and ALSO:
  • Silent Auction
  • 12noon onward: Games
  • 2:30pm: Sideboard for "lunch"
  • 4-6pm: Drum Circle
  • 6pm: Feast
  • 6:15pm: West Kingdom Choir performance (after the dinner service is out)
  • Towards end of the Feast: Silver Tongued Devil Contest
  • After the Silver Tounged Devil Contest: Court!
  • After Feast: Bardic Circle in the Fireroom
  • European Dancing (if there is interest)

*The Class List timing subject to change.

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Islamic/Andalusian Feast Menu

  • Barmakiyya - A spiced meat-and-onion pasty, served warm.
  • Badinjan Muhassa - Eggplant dip (do not be confused if it tastes as if there's meat in it; there really isn't), served cold.
  • Bread of Abu Hamza - Small, tough cookie-size breads, made to keep while traveling.
  • Crumbly crackers - Round cracker-like breads with sesame seeds, made with semolina and almond oil.
  • Quince preserves - Quince preserved in honey. For putting on the breads.
    Main Dishes - Meat:
  • Rishta - A dish of lamb and noodles, flavored with cinnamon, lentils and chickpeas.
  • Tabâhajah - A dish of marinated lamb with greens.
  • Apricot Jhudaba - Layered apricots and bread with sugar and rosewater, with a chicken roasted over the top. While the chicken will be served on the side, this dish is not vegetarian-appropriate, as the chicken drippings are mixed into the dish. Good eaten with the chicken.
  • Khall wa zayt - Ka'k (a hard, cracker-like bread) and cucumber, with a sauce made of olive oil, vinegar, a bit of salt and sugar, basil and thyme. Chicken is served on the side, but has not previously come into contact with the dish; as such, this dish is VEGETARIAN APPROPRIATE if they do not choose to add the chicken. Non-vegetarians would be advised to do so, however, as it's especially good that way.
  • Adasiyya - Lentils and onions cooked with vinegar, olive oil, salt, sugar and saffron.
  • Baridah of carrots - A dish of cold carrots, with a topping of onions strongly flavored with murri and various spices.
  • Ruqaq - Homemade flatbreads to eat along with the main dishes.
  • Lattice fritters - Fritters fried in olive oil and doused in honey.
  • Khushkananaj - A rolled pastry made with almonds, sugar, and rosewater, then sliced.
  • Hais - Date-and-nut balls.
  • Hulwa - Nut- or nut-and-apricot- or apricot-candy.
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