Newcomer's and Warlord's Tourney Day

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Southern Shores, (San Jose, CA)


Woodcut Battle Scene, circa 1488

Greetings to the Populace of the West from the Misty Lands of its Southern Shores! We would like to invite all gentle folk to come share our company and/or demonstrate thier fighting prowess at this year's Newcomer's and Warlord's Prize Tourney!! We will be running our Warlord's Tourney after the traditional Newcomer's 1st year and 2nd year Tourneys. This year's Warlord's Tourney will be a snowball style and we'll be using it to choose the new Southern Shores Warlord, as well -- all are welcome to enter the Warlord's lists and vie for the prize and/or the honor of being Warlord!

Site opens for set-up at 9am, Armor inspection/Lists entry begins at 10am and the Heavy Fighting STARTS at 11am (SCA time, of course)...

Rapier "Newcomer's" will run concurrently with the 1st/2nd year Heavy Fighter 1st/2nd year Tourneys...The White Scarf/Open tourney will run BEFORE the Warlord's Tourney, with the Warlord's/Prize Tourney rounding out the day.

This year's Warlord's Tourney will be a snowball style and the final victor of that will be the new Southern Shores Warlord as well - ALL are welcome to enter the Warlord's lists and vie for the prize and/or the honor of being Warlord!


Heavy 1st/2nd yrs: choice of Shield Boss or Sword Kit (basket hilt, rattan & tape)...All created to preference by Duke Fabian WITH the victor's participation. The Warlord/Open Champion runner-up may also be eligible to receive a Gauntlet kit...Check with Duke Fabian for availability.
Rapier Champion, a steel buckler...Rapier Newcomer Champion, a pair of long gloves (rose pruning gloves) that can be dyed to preference.

For the non-fighters, we have several classes that will be of interest to both Newcomers and Seasoned Scadians as well. Potential subjects are: SCA 101, Illumination Basics, "Period" Camping on a Budget, Costuming/Period Patterns, Embroidery Embellishments, two cooking related lectures, and maybe even a labyrinth demo!


10:00am) Scribal Arts; Calligraphy (C. Eliska)
11:30am) SCA 101 (D.Catherine Lorraine)


10:00am) Basic Marshaling (Olan)
11:30am) What Would My Persona Eat? (V.Muriel)
1:00pm) Cooking & Eating at Weekend Events (V.Muriel)


10:00am) Period Camping (D.Cariadoc)
11:30am) Camping Without a Cooler (D.Cariadoc)
1:00pm) Period Islamic Cooking (D.Cariadoc)
AND as time/opportunity permits, ON-going after classes: Period Storytelling (D.Cariadoc)

Page School will be present w/games for young and old, but this time, we will not be holding the Silent Auction at this event. If you have stuff you'd planned to bring, still DO, but it will be held until the MidSummer Tourney & Demo at the SC County Fairgrounds on Aug 4/5...
Site fee is donation only (so NMS does not apply) but we welcome all contributions! PLEEEEEEZE!!!! ;-)

Site Information (UPDATED 16 March 2012): We of the Province of Southern Shores are VERY happy to announce that we have CHANGED THE SITE for our Newcomer's/Warlord's Tourney on April 14th!!

This year, the Tourney will be held at CUPERTINO MEMORIAL PARK!! Around the corner of Stevens Creek Blvd and Stelling Rd (near 280/85's intersection)

It doesn't have a specific address, but it's a sideways L-shaped park with one end on Stevens Creek Blvd and the other on Stelling Rd. DeAnza College is right across the street and the grassy part we'll be at is immediately west of the Quinlan Community Ctr at 10185 N. Stelling Rd. Cupertino, CA 95014.

There is parking at the Community Center and along the street that lines the park on Alves Dr. and Anton Way. Site is DRY, but if you must, BE discreet (no visible bottles).

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Autocrat: Catherine Holcomb of Arden (Karen Tricomo)

Warlord Tourney questions can be directed to Duke Fabian von Schetzingen at



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